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                                                                             Technology    end working machines

          Today's machine is capable of performing complex functions that were unheard of just a few years ago.           END WORKING


          critical to successfully finishing a wide range and complexity of parts. In fact, holding the final part's squareness,  FACE & CENTER

          roundness and runout tolerances often depends entirely on the success of the initial face and centering phase of the machining operation.  FACING & CENTERING

end-working machines

          be passed on to customers.    endworking machines


          customers choose their own specific machine configuration, producing machines with single, opposed heads for plunge or spot END FINISHING

          facing and center drilling, multiple head machine machines combining milling with drilling, or units equipped with feedout heads ENDFINISHING

          for contour turning and similar functions.

                                                                                   end working machine

          wear monitoring, and gauging are among the full range of options available with the series. These options allow the machine to stand alone MILLING & CENTERING & TAPPING

          or be used as part of an integrated cell.


           hand - each with a combination plunge facing and drilling spindle. The EW100 is similar to the EW75 except it has two two-axis headstocks, MILLING & DRILLING

           each with a cross-milling spindle and one or two drilling spindles or tapping spindles. The EW100V is a vertical with a single headstock and a VERTICAL END-WORKING MACHINE(S)

          two-axis headstock. Note: the maximum number of spindles per headstock is three. It should also be noted that it's not necessary to have the

          same number of spindles at each end.     end-working machine


          and equipped with wipers to protect them from dirt and chips. Surfaces are hand scraped for a precision fit.

                                        end-working machine

          configuration and application